23 Listen and hear my voice,
Pay attention and hear my words.
24 Does the [a]farmer plow [b]continually to plant seed?
Does he continually [c]turn and break up his ground?
25 Does he not level its surface
And sow dill and scatter (A)cumin
And [d]plant (B)wheat in rows,
Barley in its place and rye within its [e]area?
26 For his God instructs and teaches him properly.
27 For dill is not threshed with a (C)threshing sledge,
Nor is the cartwheel [f]driven over cumin;
But dill is beaten out with a rod, and cumin with a club.
28 Grain for bread is crushed,
Indeed, he does not continue to thresh it forever.
Because the wheel of his cart and his horses eventually [g]damage it,
He does not thresh it longer.
29 This also comes from the Lord of armies,
Who has made His counsel (D)wonderful and His wisdom (E)great.

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  1. Isaiah 28:24 Lit plowman
  2. Isaiah 28:24 Lit all day
  3. Isaiah 28:24 Lit open
  4. Isaiah 28:25 Lit put
  5. Isaiah 28:25 Lit region
  6. Isaiah 28:27 Lit rolled
  7. Isaiah 28:28 Lit discomfit

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