The Song of Judah

26 On that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah:

We have a strong city.
Salvation is established as walls and ramparts.(A)
Open the gates
so a righteous nation can come in—
one that remains faithful.
You will keep the mind that is dependent on you
in perfect peace,(B)
for it is trusting in you.
Trust in the Lord forever,
because in the Lord, the Lord himself, is an everlasting rock!(C)
For he has humbled those who live in lofty places—
an inaccessible city.(D)
He brings it down; he brings it down to the ground;
he throws it to the dust.
Feet trample it,
the feet of the humble,
the steps of the poor.

God’s People Vindicated

The path of the righteous is level;(E)
you clear a straight path for the righteous.
Yes, Lord, we wait for you
in the path of your judgments.
Our desire is for your name and renown.(F)
I long for you in the night;(G)
yes, my spirit within me diligently seeks you,
for when your judgments are in the land,
the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.
10 But if the wicked man is shown favor,
he does not learn righteousness.
In a righteous land he acts unjustly
and does not see the majesty of the Lord.
11 Lord, your hand is lifted up to take action,
but they do not see it.
Let them see your zeal for your people
and be put to shame.
Let fire consume your adversaries.
12 Lord, you will establish peace for us,
for you have also done all our work for us.
13 Lord our God, lords other than you have owned[a] us,
but we remember your name alone.(H)

14 The dead do not live;
departed spirits do not rise up.
Indeed, you have punished and destroyed them;
you have wiped out all memory of them.(I)
15 You have added to the nation, Lord.(J)
You have added to the nation; you are honored.
You have expanded all the borders of the land.(K)
16 Lord, they went to you in their distress;(L)
they poured out whispered prayers
because your discipline fell on them.[b]
17 As a pregnant woman about to give birth
writhes and cries out in her pains,(M)
so we were before you, Lord.
18 We became pregnant, we writhed in pain;
we gave birth to wind.
We have won no victories on earth,
and the earth’s inhabitants have not fallen.

19 Your dead will live; their bodies[c] will rise.(N)
Awake and sing, you who dwell in the dust!
For you will be covered with the morning dew,[d]
and the earth will bring out the departed spirits.

20 Go, my people, enter your rooms
and close your doors behind you.
Hide for a little while until the wrath has passed.(O)
21 For look, the Lord is coming from his place(P)
to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity.(Q)
The earth will reveal the blood shed on it
and will no longer conceal her slain.

Leviathan Slain

27 On that day the Lord with his relentless, large, strong sword will bring judgment on Leviathan,(R) the fleeing serpent—Leviathan, the twisting serpent. He will slay the monster that is in the sea.(S)

The Lord’s Vineyard

On that day
sing about a desirable vineyard:(T)
I am the Lord, who watches over it
to water it regularly.
So that no one disturbs it,
I watch over it night and day.
I am not angry.
If only there were thorns and briers(U) for me to battle,
I would trample them
and burn them to the ground.
Or let it take hold of my strength;
let it make peace with me—
make peace with me.
In days to come, Jacob will take root.(V)
Israel will blossom and bloom(W)
and fill the whole world with fruit.

Did the Lord strike Israel
as he struck the one who struck Israel?(X)
Was Israel killed like those killed by the Lord?
You disputed with Israel
by banishing and driving her away.[e]
He removed her with his severe storm
on the day of the east wind.
Therefore Jacob’s iniquity(Y) will be atoned for in this way,
and the result of the removal of his sin will be this:(Z)
when he makes all the altar stones
like crushed bits of chalk,
no Asherah poles or incense altars will remain standing.
10 For the fortified city will be desolate,
pastures deserted and abandoned like a wilderness.
Calves will graze there,
and there they will spread out and strip its branches.
11 When its branches dry out, they will be broken off.
Women will come and make fires with them,
for they are not a people with understanding.(AA)
Therefore their Maker(AB) will not have compassion on them,
and their Creator will not be gracious to them.

12 On that day(AC)
the Lord will thresh grain from the Euphrates River
as far as the Wadi of Egypt,(AD)
and you Israelites will be gathered one by one.
13 On that day
a great ram’s horn(AE) will be blown,
and those lost in the land of Assyria will come,
as well as those dispersed in the land of Egypt;
and they will worship the Lord
at Jerusalem on the holy mountain.


  1. 26:13 Or married
  2. 26:16 Hb obscure
  3. 26:19 Lit live; my body they
  4. 26:19 Lit For your dew is a dew of lights
  5. 27:8 Hb obscure

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