A Prophecy Against Tyre

23 A prophecy against Tyre:(A)

Wail,(B) you ships(C) of Tarshish!(D)
    For Tyre is destroyed(E)
    and left without house or harbor.
From the land of Cyprus
    word has come to them.

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This is what the Lord says:

“For three sins of Tyre,(A)
    even for four, I will not relent.(B)
Because she sold whole communities of captives to Edom,
    disregarding a treaty of brotherhood,(C)
10 I will send fire on the walls of Tyre
    that will consume her fortresses.(D)

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and on Hamath(A) too, which borders on it,
    and on Tyre(B) and Sidon,(C) though they are very skillful.
Tyre has built herself a stronghold;
    she has heaped up silver like dust,
    and gold like the dirt of the streets.(D)
But the Lord will take away her possessions
    and destroy(E) her power on the sea,
    and she will be consumed by fire.(F)

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