Nations will take them
    and bring(A) them to their own place.
And Israel will take possession of the nations(B)
    and make them male and female servants in the Lord’s land.
They will make captives(C) of their captors
    and rule over their oppressors.(D)

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“Now what have you against me, Tyre and Sidon(A) and all you regions of Philistia?(B) Are you repaying me for something I have done? If you are paying me back, I will swiftly and speedily return on your own heads what you have done.(C) For you took my silver and my gold and carried off my finest treasures to your temples.[a](D) You sold the people of Judah and Jerusalem to the Greeks,(E) that you might send them far from their homeland.

“See, I am going to rouse them out of the places to which you sold them,(F) and I will return(G) on your own heads what you have done. I will sell your sons(H) and daughters to the people of Judah,(I) and they will sell them to the Sabeans,(J) a nation far away.” The Lord has spoken.(K)

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  1. Joel 3:5 Or palaces

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