24 Therefore thus says the Lord God of hosts: “O My people, who dwell in Zion, (A)do not be afraid of the Assyrian. He shall strike you with a rod and lift up his staff against you, in the manner of (B)Egypt. 25 For yet a very little while (C)and the indignation will cease, as will My anger in their destruction.” 26 And the Lord of hosts will [a]stir up (D)a scourge for him like the slaughter of (E)Midian at the rock of Oreb; (F)as His rod was on the sea, so will He lift it up in the manner of Egypt.

27 It shall come to pass in that day
That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder,
And his yoke from your neck,
And the yoke will be destroyed because of (G)the anointing oil.

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  1. Isaiah 10:26 arouse

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