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I have made all these things.
    “That is why all these things have come into being,”
        declares Yahweh.
    I will pay attention to those
    who are humble and sorry for their sins
        and who tremble at my word.

Whoever kills a bull is like someone who kills a person.
    Whoever sacrifices a lamb is like someone who breaks a dog’s neck.
    Whoever offers a grain sacrifice
    is like someone who offers pig’s blood.
    Whoever burns incense is like someone who worships an idol.
    People have certainly chosen their own ways,
        and their souls delight in detestable things.

So I will choose harsh treatment for them
    and bring on them what they fear.
    I called, but no one answered.
    I spoke, but they didn’t listen.
    They did what I consider evil.
    They chose what I don’t like.

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