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15 “You have been ·hated [despised] and ·left empty [abandoned; forsaken]
    with no one passing through.
But I will make you great from now on;
    you will be a place of ·happiness [pride; majesty] ·forever and ever [for generations to come].
16 You will ·be given what you need from [L drink the milk of] the nations,
    like a child ·drinking milk from its mother [nursing at royal breasts].
Then you will know that it is I, the Lord, ·who saves you [your savior].
    You will know that the Powerful One of Jacob ·protects [redeems] you.
17 I will bring you gold in place of bronze,
    silver in place of iron,
bronze in place of wood,
    iron in place of rocks.
I will ·change your punishment into peace [or make peace your governor/leader],
    and ·you will be ruled by what is right [righteousness will be your ruler].

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