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All Nations Will Obey the Lord

56 This is what the Lord says:

“·Give justice to all people [Promote justice],
    and ·do what is right [practice righteousness],
because my salvation ·will come to you soon [draws near].
    Soon ·everyone will know that I do what is right [my righteousness will be revealed].
The person who ·obeys the law about [keeps from defiling] the Sabbath
    will be blessed,
and the ·person [L son of man] who ·does no [keeps his hand from doing] evil
    will be blessed.”

Foreigners who have ·joined [committed to] the Lord should not say,
    “The Lord will ·not accept me with [L exclude/separate me from] his people [14:1].”
The eunuch should not say,
    “·Because I cannot have children, the Lord will not accept me [L Look, I am a dry tree].”
This is what the Lord says:
“This is for the eunuchs who ·obey the law about the Sabbath [keep my Sabbaths]
    and ·do what I want [choose what pleases me]
    and ·keep [hold firmly to] my ·agreement [covenant]:
I will ·make their names remembered [L set up a memorial/monument and a name]
    within my ·Temple [L house] and its walls.
    It will be better for them than ·children [L sons and daughters].
I will give them a name that will last forever,
    that will ·never be forgotten [L not be cut off].
As for the foreigners who ·join [commit themselves to] the Lord
    to ·worship [minister to] him and love ·him [L his name],
    to serve him,
to ·obey the law about [keep from defiling] the Sabbath,
    and to ·keep [hold firmly to] my ·agreement [covenant]:
I will bring these people to my holy mountain
    and give them joy in my house of prayer.
The offerings and sacrifices
    they place on my altar will ·please me [be accepted],
because my Temple will be called
    a house for prayer for people from all nations [Matt. 21:13; Mark 11:17; Luke 19:46].”
The Lord God says—
    he who gathers the ·Israelites that were forced to leave their country [outcasts/exiles of Israel]:
“I will ·bring together [gather] other people
    to join those who are already gathered.”

Israel’s Leaders Are Evil

All you ·animals [beasts] of the field,
    all you animals of the forest, come to ·eat [devour].
10 ·The leaders who are to guard the people [L His watchmen; 62:6] are blind;
    they ·don’t know what they are doing [lack knowledge; are ignorant].
All of them are like ·quiet [mute; or muzzled] dogs
    that ·don’t know how to [cannot] bark.
They lie down and dream
    and love to sleep.
11 They are like ·hungry [greedy; ravenous] dogs
    that are never satisfied.
They are like shepherds
    who ·don’t know what they are doing [lack understanding; are ignorant; Ezek. 34:2–3].
They all have gone their own way;
    ·all they want to do is satisfy themselves [each seeks their own gain/profit].
12 They say, “Come, let’s drink some wine;
    let’s ·drink all the [fill ourselves with] ·beer [T strong drink; C alcoholic beverage made from grain] we want.
And tomorrow ·we will do this again [will be like today],
    ·or, maybe we will have an even better time [even better; or it will be very great indeed; L very much abundantly great].”