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55 All that thirst, come ye to waters [All ye thirsting, cometh to waters], and ye that have not silver, haste, buy ye, and eat ye; come ye, buy ye, without silver and without any (ex)changing, wine and milk. (All ye who thirst, come to the waters, and ye who have no silver, hasten, buy ye, and eat ye; come ye, and buy ye, wine and milk, without any silver, yea, without any exchanging of money.)

Why weigh ye (out) silver, and not in loaves, and your travail, not in fullness? (Why spend ye your silver, but not for loaves, and the fruits of your labour, but ye be not fulfilled?) Ye hearing hear me, and eat ye (that which is) good, and your soul shall delight in fatness.

Bow ye [in] your ear, and come ye to me; hear ye, and your soul shall live; and I shall smite with you a covenant everlasting (and I shall strike with you an everlasting covenant), the faithful mercies of David.

Lo! I gave him a witness to peoples, a duke and a commander to folks. (Lo! I gave him as a witness to the peoples, a leader and a commander to the nations.)

Lo! thou shalt call folks, which thou knewest not; and folks, that knew not thee, shall run to thee; for thy Lord God, and the Holy of Israel, for he glorified thee. (Lo! thou shalt call the nations, whom thou knewest not; and the nations, who did not know thee, shall run to thee; because the Lord thy God, and the Holy One of Israel, he hath glorified thee.)

Seek ye the Lord, while he may be found; call ye him to help, while he is nigh. (Seek ye the Lord, while he still can be found; call ye to him for help, while he still is near, or close by.)

An unfaithful man forsake his way, and a wicked man forsake his thoughts; and turn he again to the Lord, and he shall have mercy on him, and to our God, for he is much to forgive (for he is quick to forgive).

For why my thoughts be not your thoughts, and my ways be not your ways, saith the Lord.

For as (the) heavens be raised (up) from (the) earth, so my ways be raised (up) from your ways, and my thoughts from your thoughts.

10 And as rain and snow cometh down from (the) heaven(s), and turneth no more again thither, but it filleth, or maketh moist, the earth, and besheddeth it, and maketh it to burgeon, and giveth seed to him that soweth, and bread to him that eateth,

11 so shall be my word, that shall go out of my mouth. It shall not turn again void to me, but it shall do whatever things I would (It shall not return to me void, or empty, but it shall do whatever I desired of it), and it shall have prosperity in these things to which I (have) sent it.

12 For ye shall go out in gladness, and ye shall be led forth in peace; (the) mountains and (the) little hills shall sing praising before you, and all the trees of the country(side) shall make joy with (their) hand(s).

13 A fir tree shall go up for a gorse, either furze, and a myrtle tree shall wax for a nettle; and the Lord shall be named into a sign everlasting, that shall not be done away. (A fir tree shall grow up for a gorse, or for a furze, and a myrtle tree shall grow up for a nettle; and it shall give the Lord a great name, yea, it shall be an everlasting sign, that shall not be done away.)