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50 The Lord saith these things, What is this book of forsaking of your mother, by which I let go her? either who is he, to whom I owe, to whom I sold you? [or whom is my creancer (or who is my creditor), to whom I sold you?] For lo! ye be sold for your wickednesses, and for your great trespasses I let go your mother. (The Lord saith these things, Where is the book of the forsaking, or for the divorcing, of your mother, by which I let her go? or who is he to whom I owed, and so to whom I sold you? For lo! ye were sold because of your wickednesses, and because of your great trespasses, I let your mother go.)

For I came, and no man was; I called, and none was that heard. Whether mine hand is abridged, and made little, that I may not again-buy? either strength is not in me for to deliver? Lo! in my blaming I shall make the sea forsaken, either desert, I shall set floods in(to) the dry place; fishes without water shall wax rotten, and shall die for thirst. (For I came, but there was no one there; I called, but no one heard me. Is my hand shortened, yea, is my power made so little, that I cannot redeem, or cannot rescue, you? or is strength not in me to save you? Lo! by my command I can make the sea into a desert, and I can make rivers into a dry place, and the fish grow rotten for a lack of water, and die of thirst.)

I shall clothe (the) heavens with darknesses, and I shall set a sackcloth (to be) the covering of them.

The Lord gave to me a learned tongue, that I know how to sustain him by (a) word that failed; early the father raiseth [up], early he raiseth [up] an ear to me, that I hear as a master. (The Lord gave me a learned tongue, so that I know how to sustain with a word him who faileth; early the Father raiseth up, yea, early he raiseth up an ear for me, so that I might hear like a master.)

The Lord God opened an ear to me; forsooth I against-say not, I went not aback. (The Lord God opened my ears; and I did not rebel, nor did I turn away from him.)

I gave my body to [the] smiters, and my cheeks to [the] pullers; I turned not away my face from men blaming, and spitting on me. (I gave my body to the strikers, and my cheeks to the hair-pullers; I did not turn my face away from those who shamed me, and who spat upon me.)

The Lord God is mine helper, and therefore I am not shamed; therefore I have set my face as a stone made hard, and I know that I shall not be shamed.

He is nigh, that justifieth me (He is near, who justifieth me); who against-saith me? stand we together. Who is mine adversary? nigh he to me.

Lo! the Lord God is mine helper; who therefore is he that condemneth me? Lo! all shall be defouled as a cloth, and a moth shall eat them (Lo! they all shall be defiled like a cloak, and a moth shall eat them up).

10 Who of you dreadeth the Lord, and heareth the voice of his servant? Who(ever) went in darknesses, and light is not to him, hope he in the name of the Lord, and trust he on his God (and trust he in his God).

11 Lo! all ye kindling fire, and gird with flames, go in the light of your fire, and in the flames which ye have kindled to you. This is made of mine hand to you, ye shall sleep in sorrows. (Lo! all ye kindling a fire, and gird with flames, go in the light of your own fire, and in the flames which ye have kindled for yourselves. This is made by my hand for you, and ye shall sleep in sorrows.)