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35 The forsaken Judah and (the place) without (a) way shall be glad, and [the] wilderness shall make full out joy, and shall flower as a lily (The deserted Judah and the place without a way shall be happy, and the desert shall rejoice, and shall flower like a lily.)

It burgeoning shall burgeon, and it glad and praising shall make full out joy. The glory of Lebanon is given to it, the fairness of Carmel and of Sharon; they shall see the glory of the Lord, and the fairness of our God.

Comfort ye [the] clumsid hands (Strengthen ye the benumbed hands), and make ye strong [the] feeble knees.

Say ye, Men of little comfort, be ye comforted, and do not ye dread; lo! our God shall bring the vengeance of yielding, God himself shall come, and shall save us. (Say ye, People of little courage, be ye strengthened, and do not ye fear; lo! our God shall bring the vengeance of punishment, or of retribution, God himself shall come, and shall save us.)

Then the eyes of blind men shall be opened, and the ears of deaf men shall be open(ed). (Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be opened.)

Then a crooked man shall skip as an hart, and the tongue of dumb men shall be opened (Then the lame shall skip like a hart, and the tongues of the dumb shall be loosened, or shall be freed); for why waters be broken out in (the) desert, and streams in (the) wilderness.

And that that was dry, is made into a pond, and the thirsty is made into wells of waters. [The] Greenness of [the] reed, and of [the] spire shall grow in [the] dens, in which dwelled dragons before (where jackals lived before).

And a path and a way shall be there, and it shall be called an holy way, (and) he that is defouled shall not pass thereby; and this shall be a straight way to you, so that fools err not thereby (but this shall be a strait, or a narrow, way for you, and fools shall not go astray there).

A lion shall not be there, and an evil beast shall not ascend thereby, neither shall be found there. And they shall go, that be delivered (But they who be rescued, shall go there);

10 and (those) again-bought of the Lord; and they shall be converted, and shall come into Zion with praising (and those bought back, or redeemed, by the Lord, shall return, and shall come into Zion with praising); and everlasting gladness shall be on the head(s) of them; they shall have joy and gladness, and sorrow and wailing shall flee away.