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He too is wise. He can bring horrible trouble.
    He does what he says he’ll do.
He’ll rise up against that evil nation.
    He’ll fight against those who help them.
The men of Egypt are only human beings.
    They aren’t God.
Their horses are only flesh and blood.
    They aren’t spirits.
The Lord will reach out his powerful hand
    to punish everyone.
The Egyptians provide help.
    But they will be tripped up.
The people of Judah receive the help.
    But they will fall down.
    All of them will be destroyed.

The Lord says to me,

“A powerful lion stands over its food and growls.
    A lot of shepherds can be brought together to drive it away.
But the lion is not frightened by their shouts.
    It is not upset by the noise they make.
In the same way, I will come down from heaven.
    I will fight on Mount Zion and on its hills.
Nothing will drive me away.
    I am the Lord who rules over all.

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Yet he too is wise(A) and can bring disaster;(B)
    he does not take back his words.(C)
He will rise up against that wicked nation,(D)
    against those who help evildoers.
But the Egyptians(E) are mere mortals and not God;(F)
    their horses(G) are flesh and not spirit.
When the Lord stretches out his hand,(H)
    those who help will stumble,
    those who are helped(I) will fall;
    all will perish together.(J)

This is what the Lord says to me:

“As a lion(K) growls,
    a great lion over its prey—
and though a whole band of shepherds(L)
    is called together against it,
it is not frightened by their shouts
    or disturbed by their clamor(M)
so the Lord Almighty will come down(N)
    to do battle on Mount Zion and on its heights.

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