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16 You say, “No, we need horses to ·run away on [flee].”
    So you will ·run away on horses [L flee].
You say, “We will ride away on fast horses.”
    So those who chase you will be fast.
17 One enemy will make threats,
    and a thousand of your men will ·run away [flee; Deut. 32:30].
Five enemies will make threats,
    and all of you will run from them.
You will be left alone like a flagpole on a hilltop,
    like a ·banner [standard; signal flag] on a hill.
18 The Lord ·wants [is waiting] to ·show his mercy [be gracious] to you.
    He ·wants to rise and [or is exalted and wants to] ·comfort [show compassion to] you.
The Lord is a ·fair [just] God,
    and everyone who waits for ·his help [L him] will be ·happy [blessed].

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