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10 Though favor is shown to the wicked, yet they do not learn righteousness; in the land of uprightness they deal perversely and refuse to see the majesty of the Lord.

11 Though Your hand is lifted high to strike, Lord, they do not see it. Let them see Your zeal for Your people and be ashamed; yes, let the fire reserved for Your enemies consume them.

12 Lord, You will ordain peace (God’s favor and blessings, both temporal and spiritual) for us, for You have also wrought in us and for us all our works.

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10 But when grace is shown to the wicked,(A)
    they do not learn righteousness;
even in a land of uprightness they go on doing evil(B)
    and do not regard(C) the majesty of the Lord.
11 Lord, your hand is lifted high,(D)
    but they do not see(E) it.
Let them see your zeal(F) for your people and be put to shame;(G)
    let the fire(H) reserved for your enemies consume them.

12 Lord, you establish peace(I) for us;
    all that we have accomplished you have done(J) for us.

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