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23 A message about Tyre:

For a period under David and Solomon, the Israelites live in harmony with their neighbors. But jealousy and envy are frequently under the surface. The people of Israel occupy a key location that becomes a battleground for domination by world powers because of its important trade routes. At some point, every single one of Israel’s neighbors attacks and abuses this little nation. This oracle has to do primarily with the city of Tyre, a port on the Phoenician coast famous for the people’s advanced technologies and skills in shipbuilding, sailing, and trading. But those who sail across the Mediterranean so easily are getting ready to face hard times.

Cry out in anguish, you who travel the Mediterranean from east to west!
    Cry out, Tarshishian ships, because Tyre is no more.
It is devastated—no houses, no harbor—nothing is left.
    The people from Cyprus have witnessed it.
Grieve quietly, you people along the coast,
    you merchants of Sidon, who cross the sea.
You go through great waters in boats filled with the grain of Shihor;
    the harvest of the Nile was Tyre’s revenue;
She was the marketplace of the nations.

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