Therefore I will bewail the vine of Sibmah,
With the weeping of Jazer;
I will drench you with my tears,
(A)O Heshbon and Elealeh;
For [a]battle cries have fallen
Over your summer fruits and your harvest.

10 (B)Gladness is taken away,
And joy from the plentiful field;
In the vineyards there will be no singing,
Nor will there be shouting;
No treaders will tread out wine in the presses;
I have made their shouting cease.
11 Therefore (C)my [b]heart shall resound like a harp for Moab,
And my inner being for [c]Kir Heres.

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  1. Isaiah 16:9 Or shouting has
  2. Isaiah 16:11 Lit. belly
  3. Isaiah 16:11 Kir Hareseth, v. 7