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22 When one looks out over the land, he sees[a] distress and darkness, gloom[b] and anxiety, darkness and people forced from the land.[c]

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  1. Isaiah 8:22 tn Heb “and behold” (so KJV, ASV, NASB).
  2. Isaiah 8:22 tn The precise meaning of מְעוּף (meʿuf) is uncertain; the word occurs only here. See BDB 734 s.v. מָעוּף.
  3. Isaiah 8:22 tn Heb “and darkness, pushed.” The word מְנֻדָּח (menudakh) appears to be a Pual participle from נדח (“push”), but the Piel is unattested for this verb and the Pual occurs only here.