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And now, what do we have here?”[a] says the Lord.
“Indeed my people have been carried away for nothing,
those who rule over them taunt,”[b] says the Lord,
“and my name is constantly slandered[c] all day long.

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  1. Isaiah 52:5 tn Heb “and now what [following the marginal reading (Qere)] to me here?”
  2. Isaiah 52:5 tn The verb appears to be a Hiphil form from the root יָלַל (yalal, “howl”), perhaps here in the sense of “mock.” Some emend the form to יְהוֹלָלוֹ (yeholalo) and understand a Polel form of the root הָלַל meaning here “mock, taunt.”
  3. Isaiah 52:5 tn The verb is apparently a Hitpolal form (with assimilated tav, ת) from the root נָאַץ (naʾats), but GKC 151-52 §55.b explains it as a mixed form, combining Pual and Hitpolel readings.

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