50 1 The Jews forsaken for a time. 2 Yet the power of God is not diminished. 5 Christ’s obedience and victory.

Thus saith the Lord, Where is that [a]bill of your mother’s divorcement, [b]whom I have cast off? or who is the creditor [c]to whom I sold you? Behold, for your iniquities are ye sold, and because of your transgressions is your mother forsaken.

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  1. Isaiah 50:1 Meaning, that he hath not forsaken her, but through her own occasion, as Hos. 2:2.
  2. Isaiah 50:1 Which should declare that I have cut her off: meaning, that they could show none.
  3. Isaiah 50:1 Signifying, that he sold them not for any debt or poverty, but that they sold themselves to sins to buy their own lusts and pleasures.