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O sky, rain down from above!
Let the clouds send down showers[a] of deliverance!
Let the earth absorb it[b] so salvation may grow,[c]
and deliverance may sprout up[d] along with it.
I, the Lord, create it.’”[e]

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  1. Isaiah 45:8 tn Heb “let the clouds drip with”; KJV “let the skies pour down.”
  2. Isaiah 45:8 tn Heb “open up” (so NASB); NIV, NLT “open wide.”
  3. Isaiah 45:8 tc The plural verb should be emended to a singular form. The vav (ו) ending is probably virtually dittographic (note the yod at the beginning of the following word).
  4. Isaiah 45:8 tc The Hiphil verb form (תַצְמִיחַ, tatsmiakh) should probably be emended to a Qal (תִצְמַח, titsmakh). The יח sequence at the end of the form is probably due to dittography (note the following יַחַד, yakhad).
  5. Isaiah 45:8 tn The masculine singular pronominal suffix probably refers back to יָשַׁע (yashaʿ, “salvation”).