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Egypt Will Disappoint

31 Those who go down to Egypt for help are as good as dead;[a]
those who rely on war horses,
and trust in Egypt’s many chariots[b]
and in their many, many horsemen.[c]
But they do not rely on the Holy One of Israel[d]
and do not seek help from the Lord.

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  1. Isaiah 31:1 tn Heb “Woe [to] those who go down to Egypt for help.”
  2. Isaiah 31:1 tn Heb “and trust in chariots for they are many.”
  3. Isaiah 31:1 tn Heb “and in horsemen for they are very strong [or “numerous”].”
  4. Isaiah 31:1 sn See the note on the phrase “the Holy One of Israel” in 1:4.

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