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Yes, as your judgments unfold,[a]
O Lord, we wait for you.
We desire your fame and reputation to grow.[b]

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  1. Isaiah 26:8 tn The Hebrew text has, “yes, the way of your judgments.” The translation assumes that “way” is related to the verb “we wait” as an adverbial accusative (“in the way of your judgments we wait”). מִשְׁפָּטֶיךָ (mishpatekha, “your judgments”) could refer to the Lord’s commandments, in which case one might translate, “as we obey your commands.” However, in verse 9 the same form refers to divine acts of judgment on evildoers.
  2. Isaiah 26:8 tn Heb “your name and your remembrance [are] the desire of [our?] being.”