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On that day people shall turn to their maker,
    their eyes shall look to the Holy One of Israel.(A)
They shall not turn to the altars, the work of their hands,
    nor shall they look to what their fingers have made:
    the asherahs[a] or the incense stands.
On that day his strong cities shall be
    like those abandoned by the Hivites and Amorites
When faced with the Israelites;
    and there shall be desolation.(B)
10 Truly, you have forgotten the God who saves you,
    the Rock, your refuge, you have not remembered.(C)
Therefore, though you plant plants for the Pleasant One,[b]
    and set out cuttings for a foreign one,(D)
11 Though you make them grow the day you plant them
    and make them blossom the morning you set them out,
The harvest shall disappear on a day of sickness
    and incurable pain.

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  1. 17:8 Asherahs: see note on Ex 34:13. Incense stands: small altars on which incense was burned; cf. Is 27:9; Lv 26:30.
  2. 17:10 The Pleasant One: an epithet for a foreign god of fertility, probably Adonis, in whose honor saplings were planted.