Deliverance of Israel

27 In that day,(A)

the Lord will punish with his sword(B)
    his fierce, great and powerful sword—
Leviathan(C) the gliding serpent,(D)
    Leviathan the coiling serpent;
he will slay the monster(E) of the sea.

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Awake, awake,(A) arm(B) of the Lord,
    clothe yourself with strength!(C)
Awake, as in days gone by,
    as in generations of old.(D)
Was it not you who cut Rahab(E) to pieces,
    who pierced that monster(F) through?

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Speak to him and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says:

“‘I am against you, Pharaoh(A) king of Egypt,
    you great monster(B) lying among your streams.
You say, “The Nile(C) belongs to me;
    I made it for myself.”

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