11 The eyes of the arrogant(A) will be humbled(B)
    and human pride(C) brought low;(D)
the Lord alone will be exalted(E) in that day.(F)

12 The Lord Almighty has a day(G) in store
    for all the proud(H) and lofty,(I)
for all that is exalted(J)
    (and they will be humbled),(K)
13 for all the cedars of Lebanon,(L) tall and lofty,(M)
    and all the oaks of Bashan,(N)
14 for all the towering mountains
    and all the high hills,(O)
15 for every lofty tower(P)
    and every fortified wall,(Q)
16 for every trading ship[a](R)
    and every stately vessel.
17 The arrogance of man will be brought low(S)
    and human pride humbled;(T)
the Lord alone will be exalted in that day,(U)
18     and the idols(V) will totally disappear.(W)

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  1. Isaiah 2:16 Hebrew every ship of Tarshish

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