11 Now, my son, (A)the Lord be with you that you may be successful, and build the house of the Lord your God just as He has spoken concerning you. 12 (B)Only the Lord give you discretion and understanding, and put you in charge of Israel, so that you may (C)keep the Law of the Lord your God. 13 (D)Then you will prosper, if you are careful to [a]follow the statutes and the ordinances which the Lord commanded Moses concerning Israel. (E)Be strong and courageous, do not fear nor be dismayed. 14 Now behold, [b]with great pains I have prepared for the house of the Lord (F)a hundred thousand [c]talents of gold and a million talents of silver, and (G)bronze and iron beyond measure, for [d]they are in great quantity; I have also prepared timber and stone, and you may add to that. 15 Moreover there are many workmen with you, stonecutters, masons of stone, and carpenters; and all of them are skillful in every kind of work. 16 Of the gold, silver, bronze, and iron there is no limit. Arise and work, and may (H)the Lord be with you.”

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  1. 1 Chronicles 22:13 Lit do the
  2. 1 Chronicles 22:14 Lit in my affliction
  3. 1 Chronicles 22:14 A talent was about 75 lb. or 34 kg
  4. 1 Chronicles 22:14 Lit it is

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