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“Whenever I would heal Israel, I see the sin of Ephraim and the wrong-doing of Samaria. They are false in their ways. The robber breaks into houses, and sinful men rob in the streets. They do not think about how I remember all the sinful things they do. Their sins are all around them, and are always before Me. They make the king glad with their wrong-doing, and the leaders with their lies. None of them are faithful. They are like a hot stove whose fire the bread-maker leaves alone from the time he makes the dough until the bread rises. On the special day of our king the leaders became drunk with wine. He joined hands with those who laughed at the truth. Their hearts are like a hot stove as they make their plans. Their anger smokes all night, and in the morning it burns like a hot fire. All of them are hot like a stove, and they destroy their leaders. All their kings have fallen, and none of them calls to Me for help.

Israel Cannot Depend on the Nations

“Ephraim mixes with the nations. Ephraim is a cake not turned. Strangers destroy his strength, yet he does not know it. White hairs come upon him, yet he does not know it. 10 Israel’s pride speaks against him, yet they do not return to the Lord their God. Even for all this, they do not look for Him. 11 Ephraim is like a foolish dove that is not able to think. They call to Egypt. They go to Assyria. 12 When they go, I will spread My net over them. I will bring them down like the birds of the sky. I will punish them for the sinful things they have done. 13 It is bad for them, for they have turned away from Me! They will be destroyed, for they would not obey Me! I would save them and make them free, but they speak lies against Me. 14 They do not cry out to Me from their heart when they cry on their beds. They come together for grain and new wine, but turn away from Me. 15 I taught them and gave strength to their arms, yet they make sinful plans against Me. 16 They do not turn to the Most High. They are like a bow that does not work right. Their leaders will be killed by the sword because of their proud words. And those in the land of Egypt will laugh at them.