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No Other Savior

13 When Ephraim spoke, there was trembling.
He exalted himself in Israel,
but he became guilty through Baal, and died.
But now, they sin more and more.
They made themselves molten images,
    idols skillfully made from their silver,
    all of them the work of the craftsmen.
They say about them:
    “Let those who sacrifice kiss the calves.”
Therefore they will be like morning clouds,
like dew passing away early,
like chaff blown from the threshing-floor,
or like smoke from a chimney.

“Yet I have been Adonai your God
    since the land of Egypt.
You should know no God but Me,
and there is no Savior apart from Me.[a]
I Myself knew you in the wilderness,
    in a land of terrible drought.
While they were fed, they were satisfied.
Filled, their hearts became haughty.
Therefore they forgot Me.
So I became like a lion to them—
like a leopard lying in wait by the way.
I will meet them like a bear robbed of her cubs,
and I will tear open their chests.
There I will devour them like a lioness.
A beast of the field will rip them to shreds.
It has corrupted you, O Israel,
for you are against Me—against your Helper!
10 Where then is your king?
So, will he save you in all your cities?
Or your judges, to whom you said:
    ‘Give me a king and princes!’
11 I give you a king in My anger,
and take him away in My wrath.
12 Ephraim is bound by iniquity;
his sin is treasured up.
13 Pains of birth come on him.
He is not a wise son.
When the time comes,
    he should not delay at the opening of the womb.
14 Should I ransom them from the hand of Sheol?
Should I redeem them from death?
O death, where are your plagues?
O Sheol, where is your sting?[b]
Comfort is hidden from My eyes.”

15 Because he is the son of kinsmen,
he should have been fruitful.
An east wind will come—the wind from Adonai,
    coming up from the wilderness.
His spring will become dry,
    and his fountain will dry up.
He will plunder the treasury
    of every precious vessel.