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God's Love for His Rebellious People

11 (A)The Lord says,

“When Israel was a child, I loved him
    and called him out of Egypt as my son.[a]
But the more I[b] called to him,
    the more he turned away from me.[c]
My people sacrificed to Baal;
    they burned incense to idols.
Yet I was the one who taught Israel to walk.
I took my people up in my arms,[d]
    but they did not acknowledge that I took care of them.

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  1. Hosea 11:1 him, and called him … son; or him; from the time he left Egypt I have called him my son.
  2. Hosea 11:2 One ancient translation I; Hebrew they.
  3. Hosea 11:2 One ancient translation me; Hebrew them.
  4. Hosea 11:3 One ancient translation I … my arms; Hebrew He … his arms.