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Now oun the ho first prōtos covenant, in fact kai, had echō regulations dikaiōma for worship latreia · ho and te also an earthly kosmikos sanctuary hagios. For gar a tent skēnē was set up kataskeuazō. The ho outer room prōtos, in en which hos were the ho lampstand lychnia and kai the ho table trapeza and kai the ho consecrated prothesis · ho bread artos, was called legō “the Holy hagios Place .” Behind meta · de the ho curtain katapetasma was a second deuteros room, a shrine skēnē · ho called legō “the Most Holy Place hagios.” It contained echō the golden chrysous altar thumiatērion of incense and kai the ho ark kibōtos of the ho covenant diathēkē covered perikalyptō on all sides pantothen with gold chrysion, in en which hos were the golden chrysous urn stamnos containing echō the ho manna manna, · kai · ho Aaron’ s Aarōn rod rhabdos that ho had budded blastanō, and kai the ho stone tablets plax of the ho covenant diathēkē. Above hyperanō · de it autos were the cherubim Cheroub of glory doxa overshadowing kataskiazō the ho place of forgiveness hilastērion. Of peri these hos things we cannot ou now nyn speak legō in kata detail meros.

When kataskeuazō these things houtos · de had been prepared kataskeuazō in this way houtōs, the ho priests hiereus used to enter eiseimi regularly dia into eis the ho outer prōtos room skēnē to perform epiteleō their ho ritual services latreia; however de into eis the ho second deuteros room · ho only monos the ho high priest archiereus entered, and that only once hapax a year eniautos, and not ou without chōris taking blood haima, which hos he offered prospherō for hyper himself heautou and kai for the ho sins committed unintentionally agnoēma by the ho people laos. By this houtos the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma is showing dēloō · ho that the ho way hodos into the ho real sanctuary hagios had not yet mēpō been disclosed phaneroō as long as eti the ho first prōtos tent skēnē was echō standing stasis. This hostis is an illustration parabolē pointing to eis the ho present enistēmi time kairos, · ho during kata which hos the gifts dōron and kai sacrifices thusia being offered prospherō cannot mē dynamai perfect teleioō the ho worshiper latreuō so far as kata his conscience syneidēsis is concerned, 10 but deal only monon with epi food brōma and kai drink poma and kai various diaphoros ceremonial washings baptismos, regulations dikaiōma for the body sarx imposed epikeimai until mechri the time kairos of correction diorthōsis.

11 But de when Christ Christos appeared paraginomai as high priest archiereus of the ho good things agathos that have now come ginomai, passing through dia the ho greater megas and kai more perfect teleios tent skēnē ( not ou made with hands cheiropoiētos, that houtos is eimi, not ou of ho this houtos creation ktisis), 12 he entered eiserchomai once for all ephapax into eis the ho Most Holy Place hagios, not oude by means of dia the blood haima of goats tragos and kai calves moschos, but de by means of dia · ho his own idios blood haima, thus obtaining heuriskō an eternal aiōnios redemption lytrōsis. 13 For gar if ei the ho blood haima of goats tragos and kai bulls tauros, and kai the sprinkled rhantizō ashes spodos of a heifer damalis, sanctify hagiazō those ho who have been ceremonially defiled koinoō so that pros · ho their ho flesh sarx is purified katharotēs, 14 how much posos more mallon will the ho blood haima of ho Christ Christos, who hos through dia the eternal aiōnios Spirit pneuma offered prospherō himself heautou without blemish to ho God theos, purify katharizō · ho our hēmeis conscience syneidēsis from apo dead nekros works ergon to eis worship latreuō the living zaō God theos!

15 And kai for dia this reason houtos he is eimi the mediator mesitēs of a new kainos covenant diathēkē, so that hopōs those ho who are called kaleō may receive lambanō the ho promised epangelia eternal aiōnios inheritance klēronomia, since a death thanatos has occurred ginomai that eis redeems apolytrōsis them from the ho transgressions parabasis committed under epi that ho first prōtos covenant diathēkē. · ho

16 For gar where hopou there is a covenant diathēkē, it is required anankē that the death thanatos of the ho one who made diatithēmi it be established pherō. 17 For gar a will diathēkē takes effect bebaios only when epi a person has died nekros; it cannot possibly epei be valid ischuō so long as hote the ho one who made diatithēmi it is still alive zaō. 18 Therefore hothen not even oude the ho first prōtos covenant was inaugurated enkainizō without chōris blood haima. 19 For gar when laleō every pas commandment entolē of kata the ho law nomos had been declared laleō by hypo Moses Mōysēs to all pas the ho people laos, taking lambanō the ho blood haima of ho calves moschos and kai · ho goats tragos together with meta water hydōr and kai scarlet kokkinos wool erion and kai hyssop hyssōpos, he sprinkled rhantizō both te the ho book biblion itself autos and kai all pas the ho people laos, 20 saying legō, “ This houtos is the ho blood haima of the ho covenant diathēkē which hos God theos ordained entellō for pros you hymeis.” · ho 21 And de in the same way homoiōs he sprinkled rhantizō with ho blood haima both kai the ho tent skēnē and kai all pas the ho vessels skeuos · ho used in worship leitourgia. 22 In fact kai, according to kata the ho law nomos almost schedon everything pas is sprinkled katharizō with en blood haima, and kai without chōris the shedding of blood haimatekchusia there is ginomai no ou forgiveness aphesis.

23 Thus oun it was necessary anankē that · ho earthly copies hypodeigma of the ho · ho heavenly ouranos realities be purified katharizō by these houtos rites, but de the ho heavenly realities epouranios themselves autos with better kreittōn sacrifices thusia than para these houtos. 24 For gar Christ Christos did eiserchomai not ou enter eiserchomai a sanctuary hagios made with hands cheiropoiētos, that was a mere copy antitypos of the ho true one alēthinos, but alla into eis heaven ouranos itself autos, · ho now nyn to appear emphanizō in the ho presence prosōpon of ho God theos on hyper our hēmeis behalf. 25 Nor oude was it to hina offer prospherō himself heautou repeatedly pollakis, as hōsper the ho high priest archiereus enters eiserchomai eis the ho Most Holy Place hagios every kata year eniautos with en blood haima not his own allotrios, 26 for then epei he autos would have had dei to suffer paschō again and again pollakis since apo the foundation katabolē of the world kosmos. But de as it is nyni, he has appeared phaneroō once for all hapax at epi the climax synteleia of the ho ages aiōn to eis put away athetēsis · ho sin hamartia by dia · ho his autos sacrifice thusia. 27 And kai just kata as hosos it is appointed apokeimai for ho mortals anthrōpos to die apothnēskō once hapax, and de after meta that houtos to experience judgment krisis, 28 so houtōs also kai · ho Christ Christos, after having been offered prospherō once hapax to eis bear anapherō the sins hamartia of many polys, will appear horaō a second time ek to those ho who are eagerly awaiting apekdechomai him autos, without chōris reference to sin hamartia but for eis salvation sōtēria.

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