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For this reason hothen, holy hagios brothers adelphos, you who share in metochos the heavenly epouranios calling klēsis, consider katanoeō that the ho apostle apostolos and kai high priest archiereus of whom ho our hēmeis confession homologia speaks, Jesus Iēsous, was eimi faithful pistos to the ho one who appointed poieō him autos in en all holos his autos house oikos, as hōs Moses Mōysēs also kai was. · ho For gar Jesus houtos has been counted worthy axioō of greater polys glory doxa than para Moses Mōysēs, just kata as hosos the ho builder of a house kataskeuazō has echō greater polys honor timē than the ho house oikos itself autos. For gar every pas house oikos is built kataskeuazō by hypo someone tis, but de the ho one who built kataskeuazō everything pas is God theos. Now kai Moses Mōysēs was faithful pistos in en all holos · ho God’ s autos household oikos as hōs a servant therapōn, bearing eis witness martyrion to those things ho that would be spoken later laleō, but de Christ Christos is faithful as hōs the Son hyios, presiding over epi · ho God’ s autos household oikos, and we hēmeis are eimi his hos household oikos if indeed eanper we hold firmly to katechō our ho confidence parrēsia and kai the ho hope elpis of which ho we boast kauchēma.

Therefore dio just as kathōs the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma says legō, · ho Today sēmeron, if ean you hear akouō · ho his autos voice phōnē, do not harden sklērynō · ho your hymeis hearts kardia as hōs you did in en the ho rebellion parapikrasmos, on kata the ho day hēmera of ho testing peirasmos in en the ho wilderness erēmos where hou your hymeis fathers patēr put peirazō · ho me to en the test dokimasia through their distrust, though kai they had seen · ho my egō works ergon 10 for forty tesserakonta years etos. Therefore dio I was angry prosochthizō with ho this houtos generation genea and kai said legō, ‘ They are always aei going astray planaō in their ho hearts kardia, and de they autos have not ou known ginōskō · ho my egō ways hodos.’ 11 So hōs I swore omnyō in en · ho my egō anger orgē, ‘ They shall certainly not ei enter eiserchomai · ho my egō rest katapausis.’

12 Be careful blepō, brothers adelphos, lest mēpote there be eimi in en any tis of you hymeis an evil ponēros, unbelieving apistia heart kardia that en turns away aphistēmi from apo the living zaō God theos. 13 But alla encourage parakaleō one another heautou every kata hekastos day hēmera, as long as achri it is called kaleō · ho today sēmeron,” that hina none of ek you hymeis may be hardened sklērynō by the deceitfulness apatē of ho sin hamartia. 14 For gar we have become ginomai partners metochos of ho Christ Christos, if in fact eanper we hold katechō the ho beginning archē of our ho confidence hypostasis firm bebaios to mechri the end telos. 15 As en it is said legō, “ Today sēmeron, if ean you hear akouō · ho his autos voice phōnē, do not harden sklērynō · ho your hymeis hearts kardia as hōs you did in en the ho rebellion parapikrasmos.”

16 For gar who tis were they who heard akouō and rebelled parapikrainō? Were they not ou really alla all pas those ho who came exerchomai out of ek Egypt Aigyptos led by dia Moses Mōysēs? 17 And de with whom tis was he angry prosochthizō for forty tesserakonta years etos? Was it not ouchi with those ho who sinned hamartanō, whose hos · ho bodies kōlon fell piptō in en the ho wilderness erēmos? 18 And de to whom tis did he swear omnyō that they would not enter eiserchomai · ho his autos rest katapausis, except ei mē those ho who had refused to obey apeitheō? 19 So then kai we see blepō that hoti they were unable ou to enter eiserchomai because of dia unbelief apistia.

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