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Now de the crowning affirmation kephalaion to epi what ho we are saying legō is this: we do have echō such toioutos a high archiereus priest , who hos has taken his seat kathizō at en the right dexios hand of the ho throne thronos of the ho Majesty megalōsynē in en · ho heaven ouranos, an officiating priest leitourgos of ho holy hagios things and kai of the ho true alēthinos tabernacle skēnē · ho which hos the ho Lord kyrios put up pēgnymi, not ou man anthrōpos.

For gar every pas high priest archiereus is appointed kathistēmi to eis offer prospherō both te gifts dōron and kai sacrifices thusia; so hothen it was necessary anankaios for this houtos high priest also kai to have echō something tis to offer prospherō. So oun if ei he had been eimi on epi earth , he would an not oude be eimi a priest hiereus, since there are eimi already those ho who offer prospherō the ho gifts dōron prescribed by kata the law nomos. The place where they hostis serve latreuō is a shadowy skia suggestion hypodeigma · kai of the ho heavenly epouranios sanctuary, just as kathōs Moses Mōysēs was warned chrēmatizō by God when he was about mellō to erect epiteleō the ho tabernacle skēnē; for gar he said phēmi, “ See horaō that you make poieō everything pas according to kata the ho pattern typos · ho shown deiknymi you sy on en the ho mountain oros.” But de as it is nyn, he has obtained tynchanō a superior diaphoros ministry leitourgia, since the covenant diathēkē of which hosos · kai he is mediator mesitēs is eimi better kreittōn, since it hostis has been enacted nomotheteō on the basis of epi better kreittōn promises epangelia.

For gar if ei · ho that ekeinos first prōtos covenant had been eimi blameless amemptos, then no ou occasion topos would an have been sought zēteō for a second deuteros. For gar finding fault memphomai, God says legō to them autos, “ Behold idou, days hēmera are coming erchomai, declares legō the Lord kyrios, when kai I will establish synteleō a new kainos covenant diathēkē with epi the ho house oikos of Israel Israēl and kai with epi the ho house oikos of Judah Ioudas. It will not ou be like kata the ho covenant diathēkē that hos I made poieō with ho their autos fathers patēr on en the day hēmera when I egō took epilambanomai them autos by the ho hand cheir to bring exagō them autos out of ek the land of Egypt Aigyptos, because hoti they autos did not ou continue emmenō in en · ho my egō covenant diathēkē and I kagō abandoned ameleō them autos, says legō the Lord kyrios. 10 For hoti this houtos is the ho covenant diathēkē that hos I will establish diatithēmi with the ho house oikos of Israel Israēl after meta · ho those ekeinos days hēmera, declares legō the Lord kyrios: I will put didōmi my egō laws nomos in eis · ho their autos minds dianoia and kai I will inscribe epigraphō them autos on epi their autos hearts kardia. · kai I will be eimi their autos God theos and kai they autos will be eimi my egō people laos. 11 And kai they will not ou mē teach didaskō each one hekastos · ho his autos neighbor politēs and kai each one hekastos · ho his autos brother adelphos saying legō, ‘ Know ginōskō the ho Lord kyrios,’ for hoti they will all pas know oida me egō from apo the least mikros of them autos to heōs the greatest megas. 12 For hoti I will be eimi gracious hileōs toward ho their autos iniquities adikia and kai I will mimnēskomai never ou again eti remember mimnēskomai · ho their autos sins hamartia.”

13 In en speaking legō of a new kainos covenant, he makes the ho first one prōtos obsolete palaioō. And de what ho is becoming obsolete palaioō and kai growing gēraskō old is ready engys to disappear aphanismos.

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