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Therefore dia houtos we hēmeis must dei pay much closer perissoterōs attention prosechō to what ho we have heard akouō, lest mēpote we drift away from pararreō it. For gar if ei the ho message logos spoken laleō through dia angels angelos became ginomai firmly established bebaios and kai every pas transgression parabasis and kai disobedience parakoē received lambanō a just endikos penalty misthapodosia, how pōs will we hēmeis escape ekpheugō if we neglect ameleō such a great tēlikoutos salvation sōtēria? Which hostis at first archē was declared lambanō by dia the ho Lord kyrios, and it was attested bebaioō to eis us hēmeis by hypo those ho who heard akouō, while God theos supported their testimony synepimartyreō · ho by signs sēmeion and kai wonders teras and kai various poikilos miracles dynamis, and kai by gifts of the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma distributed merismos according to kata · ho his autos will thelēsis.

Now gar it was not ou to angels angelos that God subjected hypotassō the ho world oikoumenē · ho to come mellō, about peri which hos we are speaking laleō. But de someone tis has testified diamartyromai somewhere pou, “ What tis is eimi man anthrōpos that hoti you take thought mimnēskomai for him autos, or ē the son hyios of man anthrōpos, that hoti you care for episkeptomai him autos? You made elattoō him autos for a tis little while brachus lower than para the angels angelos; you crowned stephanoō him autos with glory doxa and kai honor timē, You put everything pas in subjection hypotassō under hypokatō · ho his autos feet pous.” Now gar in en putting everything pas in subjection hypotassō to him autos, · ho he left aphiēmi nothing oudeis outside his autos control anypotaktos. But de in fact nyn we do not yet oupō see horaō everything pas under his autos · ho control hypotassō. But de we do see blepō Jesus Iēsous, who ho for a tis little while brachus was made lower elattoō than para the angels angelos, so that hopōs by charis the grace charis of God theos he might taste geuomai death thanatos for hyper everyone pas, because dia of the ho suffering pathēma of ho death thanatos crowned stephanoō with glory doxa and kai honor timē.

10 For gar it was appropriate prepō that God autos, for dia whom hos · ho and kai through dia whom hos · ho all pas things exist, in bringing agō many polys sons hyios to eis glory doxa, should make teleioō the ho champion archēgos of ho their autos salvation sōtēria perfect teleioō through dia suffering pathēma. 11 For gar the ho one who sanctifies hagiazō and kai those ho who are sanctified hagiazō are all pas of ek one heis origin. That is why dia Jesus is not ou ashamed epaischunomai to call kaleō them autos brothers adelphos, 12 when he says legō, “ I will proclaim apangellō · ho your sy name onoma to ho my egō brothers adelphos; in en the midst mesos of the congregation ekklēsia I will sing hymneō your sy praise .” 13 And kai again palin, “ I egō will eimi put my trust peithō in epi him autos.” And kai again palin, “ Here idou I egō am and kai the ho children paidion whom hos God theos has given didōmi me egō.” · ho

14 Therefore oun since epei the ho children paidion share koinōneō in blood haima and kai flesh sarx, he himself autos also kai, in the same way paraplēsiōs, shared metechō the ho same autos things so that hina by dia his ho death thanatos he might destroy katargeō the ho one who holds echō the ho power kratos of ho death thanatos ( that houtos is eimi, the ho devil diabolos), 15 and kai liberate apallassō those houtos who hosos through dia all pas their ho life zaō were eimi held enochos in slavery douleia by their fear phobos of death thanatos. 16 For gar surely dēpou he does epilambanomai not ou reach out to help epilambanomai angels angelos, but alla he reaches out to help epilambanomai the seed sperma of Abraham Abraam. 17 Therefore hothen he was obligated opheilō to become like homoioō his ho brothers adelphos in kata every pas respect , so that hina he could become ginomai a merciful eleēmōn and kai faithful pistos high priest archiereus · ho in the service pros of · ho God theos, to eis make propitiation hilaskomai for the ho sins hamartia of the ho people laos. 18 For gar because en hos he himself autos suffered paschō when tempted peirazō, he is able dynamai to come to the aid of boētheō those ho who are being tempted peirazō.

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