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10 For gar since echō the ho law nomos is echō but a shadow skia of the ho good agathos things to come mellō and not ou the ho actual autos form eikōn of those ho realities pragma, it can dynamai never oudepote perfect teleioō those ho who draw near proserchomai by the ho same autos sacrifices thusia which hos they offer prospherō continuously eis ho · ho year after kata year eniautos. For epei otherwise would an they not ou have ceased pauō being offered prospherō, since dia the ho worshipers latreuō, once hapax cleansed katharizō, would have echō no mēdeis consciousness syneidēsis of sins hamartia? But alla in en these autos sacrifices there is a reminder anamnēsis of sins hamartia year after kata year eniautos. For gar it is impossible adynatos for the blood haima of bulls tauros and kai goats tragos to take away aphaireō sins hamartia.

Therefore dio when he came eiserchomai into eis the ho world kosmos, he said legō, “ Sacrifice thusia and kai offering prosphora you did not ou desire thelō, but de a body sōma you prepared katartizō for me egō. You did eudokeō not ou take pleasure in eudokeō whole burnt offerings holokautōma and kai sin-offerings peri hamartia. Then tote I said legō, ‘ Behold idou, I have come hēkō in en the scroll kephalis of a book biblion it is written graphō about peri me egō to do poieō your sy will thelēma, O ho God theos.’” · ho After he said legō what I just quoted, “ Sacrifices thusia and kai offerings prosphora and kai whole burnt offerings holokautōma and kai sin-offerings peri hamartia you did not ou desire thelō nor oude did you take pleasure in eudokeō them” (namely those hostis offered prospherō according to kata the law nomos), then tote he added legō, “ Behold idou, I have come hēkō to do poieō · ho your sy will thelēma.” He does away with anaireō the ho first prōtos in order to hina establish histēmi the ho second deuteros. 10 By en that hos will thelēma we have been eimi made holy hagiazō through dia the ho offering prosphora of the ho body sōma of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos once for all ephapax.

11 Furthermore kai, every pas priest hiereus stands histēmi day after kata day hēmera performing his religious duties leitourgeō, · kai offering prospherō repeatedly pollakis the ho same autos sacrifices thusia, which hostis can dynamai never oudepote take away periaireō sins hamartia. 12 But de when prospherō this houtos priest had offered prospherō a single heis sacrifice thusia for hyper sins hamartia for eis all ho time diēnekēs, he sat down kathizō at en the right hand dexios of ho God theos, 13 waiting ekdechomai from that ho time loipos until heōs his autos enemies echthros are placed tithēmi · ho as a footstool hypopodion for ho his autos feet pous, 14 because gar by a single heis offering prosphora he has perfected teleioō for eis all ho time diēnekēs those ho who are being made holy hagiazō.

15 And de the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma also kai witnesses martyreō to us hēmeis, · ho for gar after meta saying legō, 16  This houtos is the ho covenant diathēkē that hos I will establish diatithēmi with pros them autos after meta · ho those ekeinos days hēmera, declares legō the Lord kyrios; I will put didōmi my egō laws nomos in epi their autos hearts kardia and kai I will inscribe epigraphō them autos on epi · ho their autos minds dianoia,” 17 then kai he says, · ho Their autos sins hamartia and kai · ho their autos lawless acts anomia I will never ou mē again eti remember mimnēskomai.” 18 Now de where hopou there is forgiveness aphesis of these houtos, there is no longer ouketi any offering prosphora for peri sin hamartia.

19 Therefore oun, brothers adelphos, since we have echō confidence parrēsia to eis · ho enter eisodos the ho holy place hagios by en the ho blood haima of Jesus Iēsous, 20 a way hodos that is new prosphatos and kai living zaō, which hos he opened enkainizō for us hēmeis through dia the ho curtain katapetasma, that houtos is eimi, through ho his autos flesh sarx, 21 and kai since we have a great megas priest hiereus in charge of epi the ho house oikos of ho God theos, 22 let us continue to draw near proserchomai with meta a sincere alēthinos heart kardia in en full assurance plērophoria of faith pistis, since our ho hearts kardia have been sprinkled clean rhantizō from apo a guilty ponēros conscience syneidēsis and kai our ho bodies sōma washed louō with clean katharos water hydōr. 23 Let us continue to hold fast katechō the ho hope elpis that ho we confess homologia without wavering aklinēs, for gar the ho one who made the promise epangellomai is faithful pistos. 24 And kai let us take thought katanoeō of how to spur paroxysmos one another allēlōn on to eis love agapē and kai good kalos works ergon, 25 not abandoning enkataleipō · ho our own heautou meetings episynagōgē, as kathōs is the habit ethos of some tis, but alla rather encouraging parakaleō one another, and kai all the more tosoutos since hosos you see blepō the ho Day hēmera drawing engizō near .

26 For gar if we hēmeis deliberately hekousiōs persist in sin hamartanō after meta receiving lambanō the ho knowledge epignōsis of the ho truth alētheia, there is apoleipō no longer ouketi any apoleipō sacrifice thusia for peri sins hamartia, 27 but de only a tis terrifying phoberos expectation ekdochē of judgment krisis and kai of raging zēlos fire pyr ready mellō to consume esthiō the ho adversaries hypenantios. 28 Anyone tis who violates atheteō the law nomos of Moses Mōysēs dies apothnēskō without chōris mercy oiktirmos on epi the testimony of two dyo or ē three treis witnesses martys. 29 How much posos greater cheirōn punishment timōria do you think dokeō will be deserved axioō by the ho one who has trampled the ho Son hyios of ho God theos underfoot katapateō, and kai has profaned koinos the ho blood haima of the ho covenant diathēkē by en which hos he was made holy hagiazō, and kai has insulted enybrizō the ho Spirit pneuma of ho grace charis? 30 For gar we know oida the ho one who said legō, “ Vengeance ekdikēsis belongs to me egō, I egō will repay antapodidōmi,” and kai again palin, “The Lord kyrios will judge krinō · ho his autos people laos.” 31 It is terrifying phoberos to fall empiptō into eis the hands cheir of the living zaō God theos.

32 Instead de, remember anamimnēskō those ho former proteros days hēmera in en which hos, after you had received the light phōtizō, you weathered hypomenō such a difficult polys struggle athlēsis with suffering pathēma. 33 Sometimes houtos you were made a public spectacle theatrizō, both te by insults oneidismos and kai persecutions thlipsis, and de at other times houtos you became ginomai one koinōnos with those ho who were treated anastrephō in that way houtōs, 34 for gar in fact kai you shared the sufferings sympatheō of those ho in prison desmios, and kai with meta joy chara accepted prosdechomai the ho confiscation harpagē of ho your hymeis belongings hyparchō, since you knew ginōskō that you yourselves heautou had echō a better kreittōn and kai lasting menō possession hyparxis. 35 Therefore oun do not throw away apoballō · ho your hymeis boldness parrēsia, which hostis has echō great megas reward misthapodosia.

36 You have echō need chreia of endurance hypomonē, then gar, so that hina after you have done poieō the ho will thelēma of ho God theos, you may receive komizō what ho was promised epangelia. 37 For gar just eti a little mikros longer hosos hosos, the ho one who is coming erchomai will arrive hēkō; · kai he will not ou delay chronizō. 38 · ho But de my egō righteous dikaios one will live zaō by ek faithfulness pistis. But kai should ean he shrink back hypostellō, my egō soul psychē will take no ou pleasure eudokeō · ho in en him autos.” 39 But de we hēmeis are eimi not ou of those who shrink back hypostolē and are eis lost apōleia, but alla are of those who are faithful pistis and so eis preserve peripoiēsis their soul psychē.

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