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16 Because of his success[a] he offers sacrifices to his throw net
and burns incense to his dragnet;[b]
for because of them he has plenty of food,[c]
and more than enough to eat.[d]

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  1. Habakkuk 1:16 tn Heb “therefore.”
  2. Habakkuk 1:16 sn The fishing implements (throw net and dragnet) represent Babylonian military might. The prophet depicts the Babylonians as arrogantly worshiping their own power (sacrifices…burns incense, see also v. 11b).
  3. Habakkuk 1:16 tn Heb “for by them his portion is full [or, “fat”].”
  4. Habakkuk 1:16 tn Heb “and his food is plentiful [or, “fat”].”