50 If you mistreat my daughters or take other wives, though no one is with us, understand that God will be a witness between you and me.”(A) 51 Laban also said to Jacob, “Look at this mound and the marker I have set up between you and me. 52 This mound is a witness and the marker is a witness that I will not pass beyond this mound to you, and you will not pass beyond this mound and this marker to do me harm. 53 The God of Abraham, and the gods(B) of Nahor—the gods of their father[a]—will judge between us.” And Jacob swore by the Fear of his father Isaac.

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  1. Genesis 31:53 Two Hb mss, LXX omit the gods of their father

10 The elders of Gilead said to Jephthah, “The Lord is our witness if we don’t do as you say.”

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He said to them, “The Lord is a witness against you, and His anointed is a witness today that you haven’t found anything(A) in my hand.”(B)

“He is a witness,” they said.

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