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Hagar and Ishmael

16 Now Abram’s wife Sarai had not given birth to any children. She had a woman servant from Egypt whose name was Hagar. So Sarai said to Abram, “Now see, the Lord has kept me from having children. Go in to the woman who serves me. It may be that I will get children through her.” Abram listened to what Sarai said. So Abram’s wife Sarai took Hagar the Egyptian, who served her, and gave her to her husband Abram as his wife. That was after Abram had lived ten years in the land of Canaan. He went in to Hagar, and she was going to have a child. And when she saw that she was going to have a child, she began to hate Sarai. Then Sarai said to Abram, “May the wrong done to me be upon you. I gave the woman who served me into your arms. But when she saw that she was going to have a child, she began to hate me. May the Lord judge who is guilty or not between you and me.” But Abram said to Sarai, “See, the woman who serves you is in your power. Do what you want with her.” So Sarai made it hard for Hagar. And Hagar ran away from her.

The angel of the Lord found Hagar by a well of water in the desert on the way to Shur. He said, “Hagar, you who serve Sarai, where have you come from and where are you going?” And she said, “I am running away from Sarai, the one I serve.” Then the angel of the Lord said to her, “Return to your boss. Put yourself under her power.” 10 The angel of the Lord said to her, “I will give you so many people in your family through the years that they will be too many to number.” 11 The angel of the Lord also said to her, “See, you are going to have a child. And you will give birth to a son. You will give him the name Ishmael, because the Lord has heard how you have suffered. 12 He will be a wild donkey of a man. His hand will be against all people. And the hand of all people will be against him. He will live to the east of all his brothers.” 13 So Hagar gave this name to the Lord Who spoke to her, “You are a God Who sees.” For she said, “Have I even stayed alive here after seeing Him?” 14 So the well was called Beer-lahai-roi. It is between Kadesh and Bered.

15 Hagar gave birth to Abram’s son. And Abram gave his son who was born of Hagar the name Ishmael. 16 Abram was eighty-six years old when Hagar gave birth to his son Ishmael.