15 Canaan(A) was the father of

Sidon(B) his firstborn,[a](C) and of the Hittites,(D) 16 Jebusites,(E) Amorites,(F) Girgashites,(G) 17 Hivites,(H) Arkites, Sinites, 18 Arvadites,(I) Zemarites and Hamathites.(J)

Later the Canaanite(K) clans scattered 19 and the borders of Canaan(L) reached from Sidon(M) toward Gerar(N) as far as Gaza,(O) and then toward Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboyim,(P) as far as Lasha.

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  1. Genesis 10:15 Or of the Sidonians, the foremost

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