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55 When all the land of Egypt experienced the famine, the people cried out to Pharaoh for food. Pharaoh said to all the people of Egypt,[a] “Go to Joseph and do whatever he tells you.”

56 While the famine was over all the earth,[b] Joseph opened the storehouses[c] and sold grain to the Egyptians. The famine was severe throughout the land of Egypt. 57 People from every country[d] came to Joseph in Egypt to buy grain because the famine was severe throughout the earth.

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  1. Genesis 41:55 tn Heb “to all Egypt.” The name of the country is used by metonymy for the inhabitants.
  2. Genesis 41:56 tn Or “over the entire land”; Heb “over all the face of the earth.” The disjunctive clause is circumstantial-temporal to the next clause.
  3. Genesis 41:56 tc The MT reads “he opened all that was in [or “among”] them.” The translation follows the reading of the LXX and Syriac versions.
  4. Genesis 41:57 tn Heb “all the earth,” which refers here (by metonymy) to the people of the earth. Note that the following verb is plural in form, indicating that the inhabitants of the earth are in view.

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