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May the Sovereign God[a] bless you! May he make you fruitful and give you a multitude of descendants![b] Then you will become[c] a large nation.[d] May he give you and your descendants the blessing he gave to Abraham[e] so that you may possess the land[f] God gave to Abraham, the land where you have been living as a temporary resident.”[g] So Isaac sent Jacob on his way, and he went to Paddan Aram, to Laban son of Bethuel the Aramean and brother of Rebekah, the mother of Jacob and Esau.

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  1. Genesis 28:3 tn Heb “El Shaddai.” See the extended note on the phrase “sovereign God” in Gen 17:1.
  2. Genesis 28:3 tn Heb “and make you fruitful and multiply you.” See Gen 17:6, 20 for similar terminology.
  3. Genesis 28:3 tn The perfect verbal form with vav (ו) consecutive here indicates consequence. The collocation הָיָה plus preposition ל (hayah plus lamed) means “become.”
  4. Genesis 28:3 tn Heb “an assembly of peoples.”
  5. Genesis 28:4 tn Heb “and may he give to you the blessing of Abraham, to you and to your offspring with you.” The name “Abraham” is an objective genitive here; this refers to the blessing that God gave to Abraham.
  6. Genesis 28:4 tn The words “the land” have been supplied in the translation for clarity.
  7. Genesis 28:4 tn Heb “the land of your sojournings,” that is, the land where Jacob had been living as a resident foreigner, as his future descendants would after him.