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Genesis 26:28-29 New English Translation (NET Bible)

28 They replied, “We could plainly see[a] that the Lord is with you. So we decided there should be[b] a pact between us[c]—between us[d] and you. Allow us to make[e] a treaty with you 29 so that[f] you will not do us any harm, just as we have not harmed[g] you, but have always treated you well[h] before sending you away[i] in peace. Now you are blessed by the Lord.”[j]


  1. Genesis 26:28 tn The infinitive absolute before the verb emphasizes the clarity of their perception.
  2. Genesis 26:28 tn Heb “And we said, ‘Let there be.’” The direct discourse in the Hebrew text has been rendered as indirect discourse in the translation for stylistic reasons.
  3. Genesis 26:28 tn The pronoun “us” here is inclusive—it refers to the Philistine contingent on the one hand and Isaac on the other.
  4. Genesis 26:28 tn The pronoun “us” here is exclusive—it refers to just the Philistine contingent (the following “you” refers to Isaac).
  5. Genesis 26:28 tn The translation assumes that the cohortative expresses their request. Another option is to understand the cohortative as indicating resolve: “We want to make.’”
  6. Genesis 26:29 tn The oath formula is used: “if you do us harm” means “so that you will not do.”
  7. Genesis 26:29 tn Heb “touched.”
  8. Genesis 26:29 tn Heb “and just as we have done only good with you.”
  9. Genesis 26:29 tn Heb “and we sent you away.”
  10. Genesis 26:29 tn The Philistine leaders are making an observation, not pronouncing a blessing, so the translation reads “you are blessed” rather than “may you be blessed” (cf. NAB).
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