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Genesis 20:6-7 New English Translation (NET Bible)

Then in the dream God replied to him, “Yes, I know that you have done this with a clear conscience.[a] That is why I have kept you[b] from sinning against me and why[c] I did not allow you to touch her. But now give back the man’s wife. Indeed[d] he is a prophet[e] and he will pray for you; thus you will live.[f] But if you don’t give her back,[g] know that you will surely die[h] along with all who belong to you.”


  1. Genesis 20:6 tn Heb “with the integrity of your heart.”
  2. Genesis 20:6 tn Heb “and I, even I, kept you.”
  3. Genesis 20:6 tn Heb “therefore.”
  4. Genesis 20:7 tn Or “for,” if the particle is understood as causal (as many English translations do) rather than asseverative.
  5. Genesis 20:7 sn For a discussion of the term prophet see N. Walker, “What is a Nabhi?” ZAW 73 (1961): 99-100.
  6. Genesis 20:7 tn After the preceding jussive (or imperfect), the imperative with vav conjunctive here indicates result.sn He will pray for you that you may live. Abraham was known as a man of God whose prayer would be effectual. Ironically and sadly, he was also known as a liar.
  7. Genesis 20:7 tn Heb “if there is not you returning.” The suffix on the particle becomes the subject of the negated clause.
  8. Genesis 20:7 tn The imperfect is preceded by the infinitive absolute to make the warning emphatic.
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