15 Then he blessed(A) Joseph and said,

“May the God before whom my fathers
    Abraham and Isaac walked faithfully,(B)
the God who has been my shepherd(C)
    all my life to this day,
16 the Angel(D) who has delivered me from all harm(E)
    —may he bless(F) these boys.(G)
May they be called by my name
    and the names of my fathers Abraham and Isaac,(H)
and may they increase greatly
    on the earth.”(I)

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20 He blessed(A) them that day(B) and said,

“In your[a] name will Israel(C) pronounce this blessing:(D)
    ‘May God make you like Ephraim(E) and Manasseh.(F)’”

So he put Ephraim ahead of Manasseh.

21 Then Israel said to Joseph, “I am about to die, but God will be with you[b](G) and take you[c] back to the land of your[d] fathers.(H) 22 And to you I give one more ridge of land[e](I) than to your brothers,(J) the ridge I took from the Amorites with my sword(K) and my bow.”

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  1. Genesis 48:20 The Hebrew is singular.
  2. Genesis 48:21 The Hebrew is plural.
  3. Genesis 48:21 The Hebrew is plural.
  4. Genesis 48:21 The Hebrew is plural.
  5. Genesis 48:22 The Hebrew for ridge of land is identical with the place name Shechem.