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Ezekiel 41 New Life Version (NLV)

41 Then he brought me into the center room, and showed me the width of the side pillars. They were six cubits wide on each side. The doorway was ten cubits wide, and the side walls on each side of it were five cubits wide. The center room was as long as forty cubits and as wide as twenty cubits. Then he went into a smaller room. Each side pillar of the doorway was two cubits wide, and the doorway was six cubits high and seven cubits wide. The room was as long as twenty cubits and as wide as twenty cubits, at the far end of the center room. He said to me, “This is the most holy place.”

Then he showed me that the wall of the Lord’s house was six cubits in width. And the side rooms all around the house on every side were four cubits wide. The side rooms were on three floors, one above the other, and thirty on each floor. The outside wall on each floor was not as wide as the one below it, so the side rooms could sit upon the wall without being nailed to it. The side rooms at the top were larger than the ones at the bottom, all around the Lord’s house. The house became wider as it went higher. There were steps leading up from the first floor all the way to the third floor. I saw that the house had a raised base all around it, which made the base for the side rooms six cubits high. The width of the outside wall of the side rooms was five cubits. But the open space between the side rooms 10 and the center rooms was as wide as twenty cubits all around the house on every side. 11 There were doorways to the side rooms from this open space, one on the north and another on the south. The width of this open space was five cubits wide all around.

12 The building in front of the open space of the Lord’s house, on the west side, was as wide as seventy cubits. The width of the building wall was five cubits, and it was as long as ninety cubits.

13 Then he showed me that the Lord’s house was as long as 100 cubits. The open space and the other building and its walls were also as long as 100 cubits. 14 And the front of the Lord’s house and its grounds on the east side were as wide as 100 cubits.

15 He showed me the length of the building to the west, with its walkways on each side. It was as long as 100 cubits.

The center room, the most holy place, and the outer porch, 16 all had roofs of wood. And all three had windows with wooden cross-pieces all around. The inside walls of the house were covered with wood from the floor up to the windows, and from the windows to the roof. 17 There was wood covering the wall above the door, and all the way to the most holy place, and all the walls both inside and out. 18 Pictures of cherubim and palm trees were cut into the wood. A palm tree was between every two cherubim, and each cherub had two faces. 19 The face of a man looked toward the palm tree on one side, and the face of a young lion looked toward the palm tree on the other side. These pictures were cut into the wood all around the Lord’s house. 20 There were cherubim and palm trees from the floor to above the door, and on the wall of the center room.

21 The pillars beside the door of the center room were the same width on all four sides, and they looked alike. 22 There was an altar of wood three cubits high and two cubits long. Its corners, base, and sides were made of wood. And he said to me, “This is the table that is before the Lord.” 23 The center room and the most holy place each had two doors. 24 And each of these doors had two parts that opened and closed. 25 Pictures of cherubim and palm trees were made on the doors of the center room, like the pictures on the walls. And there was a roof of wood over the front of the porch outside. 26 There were windows with wooden cross-pieces and palm trees cut on each side wall of the house porch. It was the same on the side rooms of the house and their roofs.

New Life Version (NLV)

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