He does not lend to them at interest
    or take a profit from them.(A)
He withholds his hand from doing wrong
    and judges fairly(B) between two parties.
He follows my decrees(C)
    and faithfully keeps my laws.
That man is righteous;(D)
    he will surely live,(E)
declares the Sovereign Lord.

10 “Suppose he has a violent son, who sheds blood(F) or does any of these other things[a] 11 (though the father has done none of them):

“He eats at the mountain shrines.(G)
He defiles his neighbor’s wife.
12 He oppresses the poor(H) and needy.
He commits robbery.
He does not return what he took in pledge.(I)
He looks to the idols.
He does detestable things.(J)
13 He lends at interest and takes a profit.(K)

Will such a man live? He will not! Because he has done all these detestable things, he is to be put to death; his blood will be on his own head.(L)

14 “But suppose this son has a son who sees all the sins his father commits, and though he sees them, he does not do such things:(M)

15 “He does not eat at the mountain shrines(N)
    or look to the idols(O) of Israel.
He does not defile his neighbor’s wife.
16 He does not oppress anyone
    or require a pledge for a loan.
He does not commit robbery
    but gives his food to the hungry(P)
    and provides clothing for the naked.(Q)
17 He withholds his hand from mistreating the poor
    and takes no interest or profit from them.
He keeps my laws(R) and follows my decrees.

He will not die for his father’s sin; he will surely live.

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  1. Ezekiel 18:10 Or things to a brother

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