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After such visual and visceral displays as representing Jerusalem on a brick and prophesying against it; lying on his side for over a year; and taking his own cut hair, burning it, and scattering it with a sword; Ezekiel must have acquired quite a reputation. His very life becomes an object lesson and a teaching display for the Judean exiles.

God is concerned about the glory of His name, so He must punish Jerusalem and the Judean population for their adulterous rebellion. Ironically, it is in the very places where God desires to have sweet and unhindered fellowship with His people that all types of lewd, profane acts of worship transpire. If there is any confusion as to what the Eternal is planning to do, then one need look no further than Ezekiel’s daily behavior.

The word of the Eternal came to me.

Eternal One: Son of man, this is what I, the Eternal Lord, have to say to the land of Israel:
    The end! The end has arrived
        for the four corners of the land and everyone in it.
    The end is upon you,
        and I will release My wrath against you.
    I will judge you according to your ways,
        and I will repay you for all your shocking actions.
    I will not look on you with pity or spare you—
        I will fully repay you for your shocking behavior and despicable deeds.
    Then you will know I am the Eternal One.

    This is what I, the Eternal Lord, have to say:
        Wave after wave of evil is coming!
    The end has arrived! The end has arrived!
        It has awakened against you! It has arrived!
    Doomsday has come for all who live in this land.
        The time has arrived; the day is near;
    There is no joy upon the mountains—
        only shouts of alarm and horrifying terror.
    It won’t be long now until I pour out My wrath on you,
        until I unleash My fierce anger against you;
    I will judge you according to your ways
        and repay you for all your shocking actions.
    I will not look on you with pity or spare you.
        I will fully repay you for your shocking behavior and despicable deeds.
    Then you will know it is I, the Eternal, who have crushed you.

10     Look, the day is here! It has arrived!
        Your doom has erupted.
    The rod has budded; conceit has blossomed!
11     The consequence—violence—has grown up into a rod to punish the wicked;
        no one will be left, not one of the many!
    No wealth, no valuables will be left from this doomsday.
12     The time has arrived; the day is now.
    Buyer, don’t celebrate; seller, don’t grieve,
        for My anger will come to burn all of you!
13     The seller won’t regain his treasures while they both live;
        for the vision has to do with everyone, and no one will escape My wrath!
    Because of each person’s iniquity,
        no one will be able to hold onto his life.

14     Though the trumpet will sound to get everything ready,
        no troops will march into battle
        because My wrath is against all the people of Jerusalem.
15     The sword falls on anyone outside the city;
        disease and famine ravage those who remain inside.
    Those in the open will die by the sword;
        those inside the city walls will be consumed by famine and disease.
16     The survivors will run for the mountains
        and moan like doves because of their sins.
17     Every hand will go weak and limp;
        every knee will turn to water.
18     They will dress in sackcloth,
        and horror will cover them.
    Their faces will be plastered with shame,
        and their heads will be shaved.
19     They will throw their silver into the streets
        and treat their gold as impure, worthless,
    Once they discover their silver and gold cannot rescue them
        on the day the Eternal ignites His fierce anger.
    They will not satisfy their hunger or fill their bellies with their riches,
        for their earthly riches are what made them stumble into sin.
20     They took pride in their attractive jewelry
        and constructed breathless idols and disgusting images with it.
    Therefore, I will make their riches impure and disgusting to them.
21     I will give their religious rubbish away to strangers
        as the wicked marauders of the earth loot and defile their treasures.
22     I will turn My head
        so they may desecrate My treasured place;
    Pillagers will enter into it, profane it, and vandalize it.

23     Forge a chain,
        for the land is soaked in blood and violence,
    And the city is brimming with brutality!
24     I will stir up the very worst of the nations
        to take possession of their houses.
    I will put an end to the strong ones’ pride,
        and their most sacred sites will be desecrated.
25     When the horror of My wrath comes, they will look for a calm place,
        but there will be nothing but torrential terror.
26     One disaster after another will hit them;
        one bad report after another will come to them.
    Then they will seek a vision from any prophet,
        but no instruction in the law from the priest
        and no wise counsel from the elders will be found.
27     The king will grieve,
        the prince will wrap himself in despair,
        and the hands of the common people will tremble.
    I will deal with them according to the way they dealt with others;
        I will judge them according to way they judged others.

Then they will know I am the Eternal One.

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