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16 The altar hearth shall be (A)square, twelve cubits long by twelve broad. 17 The ledge also shall be square, fourteen cubits long by fourteen broad, with a rim round it half a cubit broad, and its base one cubit all round. (B)The steps of the altar shall face east.”

18 And he said to me, (C)“Son of man, thus says the Lord God: These are the ordinances for the altar: On the day when it is erected for offering burnt offerings upon it and (D)for throwing blood against it,

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16 The altar hearth is square, twelve cubits[a] long and twelve cubits wide.(A) 17 The upper ledge(B) also is square, fourteen cubits[b] long and fourteen cubits wide. All around the altar is a gutter of one cubit with a rim of half a cubit.[c] The steps(C) of the altar face east.(D)

18 Then he said to me, “Son of man, this is what the Sovereign Lord says: These will be the regulations for sacrificing burnt offerings(E) and splashing blood(F) against the altar when it is built:

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  1. Ezekiel 43:16 That is, about 21 feet or about 6.4 meters
  2. Ezekiel 43:17 That is, about 25 feet or about 7.4 meters
  3. Ezekiel 43:17 That is, about 11 inches or about 27 centimeters

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