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15 The word of the Eternal came to me.

Eternal One: Son of man, what is the difference between the wood of a grapevine and the wood of a tree in a forest? Is the wood of a grapevine ever used to make anything practical? Can it be carved into pegs to hang things on? No. When vine wood has been bundled together and thrown into the fire as fuel, its ends are burned but the middle is only charred. Are the remains good for anything then? Even when vine wood is whole and not yet singed, it is not useful for anything; so how can it be made useful after the fire has scorched some and consumed the rest?

Therefore, this is what I, the Eternal Lord, have to say: Just as I have gathered the wood of the grapevine among the trees of the forest to be used as fuel for the fire, so I will bundle together those who live in Jerusalem. I will turn My back on them. Even though they may survive the fire, another fire will nonetheless consume them. And when I turn My back on them and oppose them, you will know I am the Eternal One. I will transform this land into a wasteland because of their faithlessness.

So says the Eternal Lord.

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