“‘Get ready; be prepared,(A) you and all the hordes gathered about you, and take command of them. After many days(B) you will be called to arms. In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations(C) to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, and now all of them live in safety.(D) You and all your troops and the many nations with you will go up, advancing like a storm;(E) you will be like a cloud(F) covering the land.(G)

10 “‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: On that day thoughts will come into your mind(H) and you will devise an evil scheme.(I) 11 You will say, “I will invade a land of unwalled villages; I will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people(J)—all of them living without walls and without gates and bars.(K) 12 I will plunder and loot and turn my hand against the resettled ruins and the people gathered from the nations, rich in livestock and goods, living at the center of the land.[a] 13 Sheba(L) and Dedan(M) and the merchants of Tarshish(N) and all her villages[b] will say to you, “Have you come to plunder? Have you gathered your hordes to loot, to carry off silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods and to seize much plunder?(O)”’

14 “Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say to Gog: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: In that day, when my people Israel are living in safety,(P) will you not take notice of it? 15 You will come from your place in the far north,(Q) you and many nations with you, all of them riding on horses, a great horde, a mighty army.(R) 16 You will advance against my people Israel like a cloud(S) that covers the land.(T) In days to come, Gog, I will bring you against my land, so that the nations may know me when I am proved holy(U) through you before their eyes.(V)

17 “‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: You are the one I spoke of in former days by my servants the prophets of Israel. At that time they prophesied for years that I would bring you against them. 18 This is what will happen in that day: When Gog attacks the land of Israel, my hot anger will be aroused, declares the Sovereign Lord. 19 In my zeal and fiery wrath I declare that at that time there shall be a great earthquake(W) in the land of Israel.(X) 20 The fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the beasts of the field, every creature that moves along the ground, and all the people on the face of the earth will tremble(Y) at my presence. The mountains will be overturned,(Z) the cliffs will crumble(AA) and every wall will fall to the ground.(AB) 21 I will summon a sword(AC) against Gog on all my mountains, declares the Sovereign Lord. Every man’s sword will be against his brother.(AD) 22 I will execute judgment(AE) on him with plague and bloodshed;(AF) I will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones(AG) and burning sulfur(AH) on him and on his troops and on the many nations with him.(AI) 23 And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord.(AJ)

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  1. Ezekiel 38:12 The Hebrew for this phrase means the navel of the earth.
  2. Ezekiel 38:13 Or her strong lions

“I am going to make Jerusalem a cup(A) that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling.(B) Judah(C) will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all the nations(D) of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock(E) for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure(F) themselves. On that day I will strike every horse with panic and its rider with madness,” declares the Lord. “I will keep a watchful eye over Judah, but I will blind all the horses of the nations.(G) Then the clans of Judah will say in their hearts, ‘The people of Jerusalem are strong,(H) because the Lord Almighty is their God.’

“On that day I will make the clans of Judah like a firepot(I) in a woodpile, like a flaming torch among sheaves. They will consume(J) all the surrounding peoples right and left, but Jerusalem will remain intact(K) in her place.

“The Lord will save the dwellings of Judah first, so that the honor of the house of David and of Jerusalem’s inhabitants may not be greater than that of Judah.(L) On that day the Lord will shield(M) those who live in Jerusalem, so that the feeblest(N) among them will be like David, and the house of David will be like God,(O) like the angel of the Lord going before(P) them. On that day I will set out to destroy all the nations(Q) that attack Jerusalem.(R)

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I will gather all the nations(A) to Jerusalem to fight against it;(B) the city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women raped.(C) Half of the city will go into exile, but the rest of the people will not be taken from the city.(D)

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Then the Lord will go out and fight(A) against those nations, as he fights on a day of battle.(B)

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