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Clothes for the Priests

39 They used blue, purple, and ·red [scarlet] thread to make woven clothes for the priests to wear when they ·served [ministered] in the Holy Place. They made the holy clothes for Aaron as the Lord had commanded Moses.

They made the ·holy vest [ephod] of gold, and blue, purple, and ·red [scarlet] thread, and fine linen [28:6–14]. They hammered the gold into sheets and then cut it into long, thin strips. They worked the gold into the blue, purple, and ·red [scarlet] thread, and fine linen. This was done ·by skilled craftsmen [or with a skilled design]. They made the shoulder straps for the ·holy vest [ephod], which were attached to the top corners of it and tied together over each shoulder. The skillfully ·woven belt [embroidered waistband] was made in the same way; it was joined to ·the holy vest [L it] as one piece. It was made of gold, and blue, purple, and ·red [scarlet] thread, and fine linen, the way the Lord commanded Moses.

They put gold [L filigree] around the onyx stones and then ·wrote [engraved] the names of the sons of Israel on these gems, ·as a person carves words and designs on a seal [like the engravings on a seal/signet]. Then they attached the gems on the shoulder straps of the ·holy vest [ephod], as reminders of the twelve sons of Israel. This was done just as the Lord had commanded Moses.

·The skilled craftsmen [L They] made the ·chest covering [breastpiece] like the ·holy vest [ephod]; it was made of gold, and blue, purple, and ·red [scarlet] thread, and fine linen. ·The chest covering [L It] was square—·nine inches [a span] long and ·nine inches [a span] wide—and it was ·folded double to make a pocket [L doubled]. 10 Then they put four rows of ·beautiful jewels [L stones] on it: In the first row there was a ·ruby [or carnelian], a ·topaz [or chrysolite], and a ·yellow quartz [or emerald]; 11 in the second there was a turquoise, a ·sapphire [or lapis], and an ·emerald [or moonstone]; 12 in the third there was a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst; 13 in the fourth there was a ·chrysolite [or beryl], an onyx, and a jasper [C identification is uncertain]. Gold [L filigree] was put around these ·jewels [stones] to attach them to the ·chest covering [breastpiece], 14 and the names of the sons of Israel were ·carved [engraved] on these twelve ·jewels [stones] as a person ·carves [engraves] a ·seal [signet]. Each ·jewel [stone] had the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

15 They made chains of pure gold, twisted together like a rope, for the ·chest covering [breastpiece]. 16 They made two gold pieces and two gold rings. They put the two gold rings on the two upper corners of the ·chest covering [breastpiece]. 17 Then they put two gold chains in the two rings at the ends of the ·chest covering [breastpiece], 18 and they fastened the other two ends of the chains to the two ·gold pieces [or settings]. They attached these gold pieces to the two shoulder straps in the front of the ·holy vest [ephod]. 19 They made two gold rings and put them at the lower corners of the ·chest covering [breastpiece] on the inside edge next to the ·holy vest [ephod]. 20 They made two more gold rings on the bottom of the shoulder straps in front of the ·holy vest [ephod], near the seam, just above the ·woven belt [embroidered waistband] of the ·holy vest [ephod]. 21 They used a blue ·ribbon [cord] and tied the rings of the ·chest covering [breastpiece] to the rings of the ·holy vest [ephod], connecting it to the ·woven belt [L embroidered waistband]. In this way the ·chest covering [breastpiece] would not ·swing out [get loose] from the ·holy vest [ephod]. They did all these things the way the Lord commanded.

22 Then they made the outer robe ·to be worn under the holy vest [L of the ephod]. It was woven only of blue cloth. 23 They made a ·hole [opening] in the center of the outer robe, with a woven collar ·sewn around it [L like a coat of mail; C the Hebrew is obscure] so it would not tear. 24 Then they made balls like pomegranates of blue, purple, and ·red [scarlet] thread, and fine linen and hung them around the bottom of the outer robe. 25 They also made bells of pure gold and hung these around the bottom of the outer robe between the balls. 26 So around the bottom of the outer robe there was a bell and a pomegranate ball, a bell and a pomegranate ball. The priest wore this outer robe when he ·served as priest [ministered], just as the Lord had commanded Moses.

27 They ·wove [L made] inner robes of fine linen for Aaron and his sons, 28 and they made turbans, ·headbands [headdresses], and underclothes of fine linen. 29 Then they made the ·cloth belt [sash] of fine linen, and blue, purple, and ·red [scarlet] thread·, and designs were sewn onto it [embroidered with needlework], just as the Lord had commanded Moses.

30 They made a ·strip [rosette; medallion; plate; L flower] of pure gold, which is the holy ·crown [diadem], and ·carved [engraved] these words in the gold, as one might ·carve [engrave] on a ·seal [signet]: “Holy to the Lord.” 31 Then they tied ·this flat piece [a blue cord to it to fasten it] to the turban with a blue ribbon, as the Lord had commanded Moses.

32 So all the work on the [L Tabernacle of the] Meeting Tent was finished. The ·Israelites [L sons/T children of Israel] did everything just as the Lord had commanded Moses. 33 Then they brought the ·Holy Tent [L Tabernacle] to Moses: the Tent and all its furniture, hooks, frames, crossbars, ·posts [pillars], and bases; 34 the covering made of male ·sheepskins [ramskins] colored red, the covering made of ·fine leather [sea cow/porpoise hide], and the curtain ·that covered the entrance to the Most Holy Place [L for the screen]; 35 the Ark of the ·Agreement [Covenant; Treaty; L Testimony; 25:10], its poles and ·lid [the mercy seat/atonement cover; 25:17–22]; 36 the table [25:23–40], all its ·containers [utensils; tools], and the bread ·that showed they were in God’s presence [L of presence]; 37 the pure ·gold lampstand [L Menorah; 25:31–40] with its lamps in a row, all its ·tools [utensils], and the olive oil for the light; 38 the gold altar [C the incense altar; 30:1–6], the special olive oil used for ·appointing priests [anointing], the sweet-smelling incense, and the ·curtain that covered [screen at] the entrance to the Tent; 39 the bronze altar [27:1–8] and its ·screen [L bronze grating], its poles and all its ·tools [utensils], the bowl and its stand [30:17–21]; 40 the curtains for the courtyard with their ·posts [pillars] and bases, the ·curtain that covered the entry to [L screen for the gate of] the courtyard, the cords, pegs, and all the ·things [L utensils for service] in the Meeting Tent. 41 They brought the clothes for the priests to wear when they ·served [ministered] in the Holy ·Tent [Place]—the ·holy [sacred] clothes for Aaron the priest and the clothes for his sons, which they wore when they served as priests.

42 The ·Israelites [L sons/T children of Israel] had done all this work just as the Lord had commanded Moses. 43 Moses looked closely at all the work and saw they had done it just as the Lord had commanded. So Moses blessed them.

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